About Us

About Us

Established in 1997, Beijing guanjiaka Intellectual Property Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as guanjiaka) is a wholly state-owned subsidiary of China Patent Information Center, which is affiliated with China National Intellectual Property Administration.

With the service concept of “safety, professionalism, efficiency and convenience”, guanjiaka focuses on providing intellectual property fee management services, which mainly include:

● Customizable Hosted Service of Patent Annual Fee in China
● Management of Patent Application Fees in China
● Management of Global Patent Annual Fee
● PCT International Application Documents and Fee Payment
● Payment of PCT International Search Fee for China-EU Cooperation Pilot Project
● Hague International Design System Fee Payment
● Madrid Trademark System Fee Payment

Clients of guanjiaka include patent agencies, universities, leading enterprises, multinational enterprises and overseas companies. What’s more, the well-known patent agencies with the highest number of authorized invention patents and the global innovative leading enterprises in the fields of communications, medicine, electronics and automobile are all important clients of guanjiaka.

guanjiaka is the largest patent fee management service provider in China. Over the past 20 years, it has paid tens of millions of patent fees to China National Intellectual Property Administration and other national or regional intellectual property offices for its clients, with a total amount of more than 17 billion yuan.

In recent years, guanjiaka has strived to expand the breadth and depth of its business by means of planning the stride forward from intellectual property fee management to intellectual property asset management.


Products and Services

1、 China Patent Annual Fee Customizable Service

guanjiaka provides customized China patent annual fee management service for clients. Clients can not only choose from guanjiaka existing standardized process according to their own conditions, but also require for tailored solutions to meet their needs. Every part of the whole management process, which includes data handover, data verification, deadline monitoring, payment reminder, payment processing, fee payment and bill processing, can be flexibly configured. Based on the patent fee management system independently developed by guanjiaka, the instruction files of China patent annual fee can be processed automatically with a high fault tolerance for data information. All operational flow and task processing are under the supervision of manual labor on account of a very strict supervision mechanism and complete automation of business flow. During working time, all clients’ needs are guaranteed to be responded to in a timely manner within 30 minutes.

2 、Global Patent Annual Fee Management Service

guanjiaka provides a full range of patent annual fee management services. Clients can make payment with a single currency in more than 100 countries or regions, such as China, the United States, Japan, Europe and South Korea.

With the help of self-developed patent fee management system, guanjiaka provides a set of the most appropriate personalized service according to clients’ need in terms of data interaction, payment methods and payment process, aiming to avoid huge losses maximally caused by patent invalidation and reduce the cost of patent annual fee management. As a wholly state-owned enterprise, guanjiaka has the ability to shoulder the responsibility of protecting the innovative information of Chinese enterprises at abroad and escorting the “going out” Chinese innovators.

3、 PCT International Application Documents and Fee Payment Service

guanjiaka provides the service of submitting PCT international application documents and paying fees for clients on the understanding that if the application is accepted by Chinese Bureau. Authorized by clients, guanjiaka can pay all the relevant fees of PCT application at the international stage to China National Intellectual Property Administration, which avoids the mistakes caused by the complicated exchange rate calculation, and save time and personnel costs caused by cumbersome process.

4 、Global Trademark Renewal Service

guanjiaka provides one-stop solution to trademark renewal service worldwide, covering more than 170 registration offices. Depending on the well-tested process management system and stable partners all over the world, guanjiaka is devoted to protecting clients’ brands globally and handling complex trademark renewal matters with the settlement of RMB.


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